International Consultation

Project Showcase: Wadi Hanifah Restoration – Arriyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Perform site analysis of an area proposed for development.
  • Analysis includes species identification and determination of caliper, height and width of canopy and ability to be successfully salvaged.
  • The location of each plant is mapped using GPS technology.
  • The technical services department superimposes the GPS data onto the site plan.
  • A plant list is generated which includes all of the data collected by GPS inventory personnel.
  • When necessary, GPS project coordinators submit inventory/salvage plans and work with government officials through the review process, until plans are approved and the client obtains permission to salvage plants.

Project Showcase: Loreto Bay – Baja, California

NRI in partnership with the Developer formed Loreto Bay Ecoscapes whose purpose was to establish a full landscape development program based solely on sustainable methods and practices. A large 20 acre nursery was developed to utilize native, edible and ornamental plants throughout the community. A program of weekly delivery of fresh vegetables was developed utilizing a saline water well for the first time in Baja. NRI installed and maintained sustainably focused landscape programs for over 400 housing units. In cooperation with the David Duval design group, much of the mature native material was saved and replanted for the golf course renovation project at Loreto Bay. Saline tolerant plants, ground covers and mangrove were custom grown for installation along the extensive estuary edge, thereby reducing maintenance and fresh water needs.

Project Showcase: Querencia Golf Course – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

NRI completed a project at Querencia in San Jose de Cabo, Mexico. Under the supervision of famed golf course architect Tom Fazio, NRI salvaged and successfully replanted over a thousand native trees and cacti restoring the site’s natural beauty into the golf course landscape. Based on this work and protocols, SEMARNAT, the Mexican Environmental Authority, established new guidelines for Tree and Plant reclamation in Baja.

NRI also completed a project at Vista Serena in Cabo San Lucas. NRI was able to salvage and replant over 2000 native trees and cacti and place them successfully in a 35 acre nursery pending the projects continuation. Once again SEMARNAT gave an excellent rating to this work and sent a letter to the Developer praising this effort in large scale reclamation.

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